feedback in therapy

Feedback is in an important part of counseling. I want to know how you are thinking and feeling about the process. At Love & Respect Counseling, this feedback is briefly obtained at each appointment. Additionally, you and I will track my effectiveness as a therapist to facilitate my improvement.   

 Tracking Effectiveness                                                   

  • I will ask how you are doing
  • You will have an opportunity to give feedback on each session, including how you felt about me
  • Your feedback is extremely important and valued

Satisfaction with your treatment is important to me so that necessary adjustments can be made, including referring you to someone else if necessary. There is considerable evidence that tracking your satisfaction improves the process leading to change. 

Many counselors don't track effectiveness because it takes hard work, the feedback may be negative, and an attitude of "I know what's best for the client," often exists. The process requires consistency with every client, every session.  Without doing this, there is no way to reliably track a client's progress.  However, it takes about only two minutes of your time per session. 

In closing, you are unique as an individual, couple, or family.  There is not a "one size fits all" approach that works in my opinion.  Valuing that uniqueness, I promise a few things. 

  • Listen intently to why you are coming to counseling and what you want to change
  • Consistently measure how you are doing and your satisfaction with me and the counseling process
  • Adjust if improvement is not evident
  • Again, continue to track whether improvement is occurring at each session
  • Find a better fit with another counselor if improvement is not evident